A: Abalone is a kind of single-shelled shellfish that belongs to the marine mollusks and grows in deep cold waters.
A: Canned or boxed abalone is ready-to-eat, and could be cut, chopped, and plattered. If you prefer to heat it, just heat it slightly with medium heat; the remaining abalone soup could be mixed with rice and noodles after heating, it will definitely surprise you with the unique flavor and good taste.
A: A bigger abalone in size would have a better flexibility and bouncy taste, which would endow you a better enjoyment when tasting this piece of nature.
A: Canned abalone could be stored at room temperature for 3 years. Boxed abalone could be stored at room temperature for 2 years.
A: Yes, but it must be loaded with a suitcase.
A: The nest specifically refers to the nest of Golden swiftlets. The saliva secreted by the swiftlet is solidified in the air, which becomes the main material of the bird's nest. After the bird's nest is collected, it will need to go through a series of complex processing procedures, which includes getting steamed, soaked, cleaned, picked and dried, and will finally become a finished products.
A: The bird's nest is collected from house birds. And it is featured by relatively clean, with fewer feathers and less impurities. The bird’s house is merely simulated as the living environment for swallows, and it is artificially built for use by the flock. The flock is wild and still needs to feed on its own.
A: Generally bird's nest is widely produced in Southeast Asia, primarily in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Among them, Indonesia has the largest output, and the bird's nest of ours has come from Indonesia.
A: Modern scholars and experts have analyzed the composition of bird's nest; it is rich in protein, carbohydrates, phosphorus, iron, calcium, zinc, potassium and other essential nutrients. The bird's nest is also rich in amino acids and polysaccharides, which is widely considered to be one of the beauty product and nutritious product.
A: Both men and women are suitable for all ages, especially for elderly people who needs relatively digestible nutrition.
A: Having bird’s nest in the morning or the evening before meals would be better for direct digestion of the nutrition. For Rock Sugar Bird’s nest, we would suggest having it once or twice a day. As to the Concentrated bird's nest, having one spoonful once in the morning and another one in the evening would be suggested. Concentrated bird's nest needs to be refrigerated after being opened, and it should be consumed within 7 days.
A: Since the bird's nest is made from the saliva secreted by swallows, it doesn’t contain any meat or fish. Vegetarians could totally enjoy it at ease.
A: Mature swallow does not live in the nest but only when it needs to incubate the offspring. After the young bird leaves the nest, it will not return again. Instead, it will build a new nest on its own; Collectors will not collect the bird’s nest unless it is confirmed that there aren’t any eggs or young birds left in the nest, therefore it will not cause damage to the ecology of swallows.
A: The swallow nesting under the roof of the house is a house bird, which biologically belongs to the family “Hirundinidae”. The nest is made of saliva mixed with grass or mud, and which is definitely not edible.
A: XO sauce is mainly made of seafood and chili. Most of them are made of high-grade ingredients. XO of XO sauce is the abbreviation of Extra Old, which means aging and special grade. XO is one of the grades according to the storage year of the brandy. Only the one that has been stored more than over 40 years could be called “XO”. This grade of brandy is relatively expensive so that the meaning of XO has been extended as the synonym for luxury, and only the top grade sauce made of high-quality ingredients is qualified to be called XO sauce.
A: Almost all of scallop owns a adductor muscle to control the opening and closing of its shells. Some types of larger shells could be removed of their adductor muscle separately. This round-shape white meat is called scallops or ribbons, which is commonly known as raw scallops. It is rich in protein, and is dried and processed as scallops.
A: No need. Just the opened XO sauce that has not been finished should be refrigerated.
A: We have Shellfish XO sauce, Mushroom Scallops XO sauce, Rouge Shrimp (Red Shrimp) Scallop sauce, Crystal Whitebait Scallop sauce, and Top Grade Abalone Scallop sauce, etc.
A: During the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty, a lady of an official was proficient in cooking. She has chicken, duck, lamb elbow, hoof, and more than 10 kinds of main ingredients ready to be placed into the jars of Shaoxing wine (traditional Chinese wine), then she utilizes those with small fire to make dishes. After the tasting, people were surprised; they wondered about the name of the dish and the secret behind it. The officials eventually named the dish "Good luck with good fortune”. Later on the officials returned to the village and asked the chefs to replicate the menu. The chef added seafood to stir up the “umami taste”(fresh taste). After the guests tasted it, the dish was extremely delicious and was highly praised. One of the improvisational poet thus said: " The fragrance of meat and seafood spreads all over the neighbors, even the Buddha stops chanting and jumps over the wall just to get here". Since then, people have quoted the verses and called this dish “Buddha jumps over the wall”.
A: Canned Buddha jumps over the wall are ready to eat, just open the can and heat it up, you will have a gorgeous meal to enjoy.
A: We currently have 3 types of Buddha jumps over the wall products in sales, each with ingredients and different size.
The Great Buddha Jumps Over The Wall: Abalone, shark's fin, scallop, bamboo pith, white fungus, and shiitake mushroom (can be shared by 2-3 people)
The Great Buddha Jumps Over The Wall (without shark fins): Abalone, scallops, bamboo pith, white fungus, shiitake mushroom, and king trumpet mushroom (can be shared by 2-3 people)
Union Party - The Great Buddha Jumps Over The Wall: Abalone, shark's fin, scallops, bamboo pith, shiitake mushrooms, and Brazilian mushrooms (can be shared by 8-10 people)
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