Braised South African Abalone in Brown Sauce (420g)

  • Product Code 0260
  • Product Introduction:★The treasure from Atlantic and Indian Ocean - Top Grade South African Wild Abalone
    ★Old Hen being simmered for several hours in stock accomplishes the most tasteful braised sauce
    ★Full Process of Vacuum High Temperature Sterilization strictly followed
  • Commodity portfolio:420g/box (DW165g)

Product details

◎ Product Name: Braised South African Abalone in Brown Sauce
◎ Product Specifications: 420g (DW165g)
◎ Product Introduction: Good Plenty’s Braised South African Abalone uses the abalone from South Africa, the area where the Atlantic meets the Indian Ocean. The seawater here is rich in nutrients and minerals, and the abalone growing up here is of high quality and purity.
The species of abalone is larger in size but requires longer growth time than other species. The big chef of Good Plenty carefully selects the abalone with fleshy meat, and combines it with a specially modulated classic braised sauce, which endows the abalone with soft taste and rich aroma, so as to achieve a gold level cuisine, the cuisine lighting up the stage of South African Abalone.
Good Plenty’s Braised South African Abalone in Brown Sauce adopts standard high temperature sterilization process and is ready-to-serve. The product doesn't contain any preservative and artificial coloring, and has passed HACCP and ISO22000 certificate. Please freely enjoy the cuisine we’ve carefully prepared for you, and we are determined to provide completely safe and delicious product to satisfy all the needs of our beloved customers.
◎ Product Composition: Abalone, Superior Soup (Water, Chicken Broth, Oyster Sauce (Oyster Extractives, Wheat Flour, Caramel), Salt, Chicken Extract Powder (Chicken Extract, Sugar, Hydrolyzed Animal Protein, Soy Protein))

Product considerations

◎ Certification: Our factory passed ISO 22000, HACCP food hygiene certification, US FDA approval. Our products passed SGS inspection, and insure 10 million NT Dollars of product liability insurance.
◎ Shelf life: 3 years.
◎ Storage: Please keep in dry place and avoid direct sun exposure. No preservative added, please eat as soon as possible after opening.
◎ Outer Packaging Note: All cans are manufactured by retort treatment. Please return all inflated cans to the place to purchase.
◎ Food Allergy: This product contains crustaceans, soybeans, grains containing gluten and their products.

◎ Responsible Manufacturer: Good Plenty Industrial Co., Ltd.
◎ Service Line: +886 2 2591-2211