Concentrated Bird Nest Gift Set (150gx2)

  • Product Code 0174
  • Product Introduction:★Indonesian and Malaysian High Quality Bird Nest
    ★Concentrated Drink with 100% Purity of Bird Nest, without sugar
    ★Full Process of Vacuum High Temperature Sterilization strictly followed
    ★Ready-to-serve, has better taste after refrigerating
    ★Always the most Satisfying Choice for Gift and Self-use
  • Commodity portfolio:150gx2

Product details

◎ Product Name: Concentrated Bird Nest Gift Set
◎ Product Specifications: 150gx2
◎ Product Introduction: Good Plenty’s Concentrated Bird Nest is strictly selected from Indonesian and Malaysian 
swallow bird nest, which the place is one of the major origins for top grade bird nests. Containing extremely high pureness of swallow nest, Good Plenty’s Concentrated Bird Nest has a smooth and thick taste with a little bit aroma of egg. The swallow nest has a better flavor after refrigerating, and is also suitable for long-term use.
Traditionally swallow nest is used as a natural supplement to revitalize the body, and is now widely recognized as one of the most luxurious nutrition.
Taking a spoonful of the Concentrated Bird Nest each in the morning and the evening respectively before eating would be beneficial to body absorption.
Good Plenty’s Concentrated Bird Nest Gift Set contains two bottles of Concentrated Bird Nest (150g) and one specially made white ceramic spoon.
Good Plenty’s Bird Nest adopts standard high temperature sterilization process, and is ready-to-serve. The product doesn't contain any preservative and artificial coloring, and has passed HACCP and ISO22000 certificate. Please freely enjoy this healthy and delicious drink, Good Plenty’s Bird Nest could be one of the finest bird nest you ever try.
◎ Product Composition: Water, Bird's Nest

Product considerations

◎ Certification: Our factory passed ISO 22000, HACCP food hygiene certification, US FDA approval. Our products passed SGS inspection, and insure 10 million NT Dollars of product liability insurance.
◎ Shelf life: 2 years.
◎ Storage: Please keep in dry place and avoid direct sun exposure. No preservative added, please eat as soon as possible after opening.
◎ Outer Packaging Note: All jars are manufactured by retort treatment. Please return all inflated jars to the place to purchase.

◎ Responsible Manufacturer: Good Plenty Industrial Co., Ltd.
◎ Service Line: +886 2 2591-2211