Scallops XO Sauce with Red Shrimp (190g)

  • Product Code 0023
  • Product Introduction:★The Diamond among Seafood - Top Grade Japanese Scallops from Hokkaidou
    ★The King of dried shrimps - Donggang Red Shrimp
    ★Full Process of Vacuum High Temperature Sterilization strictly followed
    ★Ready-to-serve (Please refrigerate after opening the jar)
    ★Best for cooking, stir-frying, and serving with rice or noodles
    ★Top Grade Scallop XO Sauce; Designated XO Sauce of many 5-star hotels
  • Commodity portfolio:190g/jar

Product details

◎ Product Name: Scallops XO Sauce with Sakura Shrimp
◎ Product Specifications: 190g
◎ Product Introduction: Good Plenty’s Scallop Sauce is made of Japanese high-quality scallops, minced garlic, chili and spices made from the exclusive recipe. As one of the most time-consuming seafood cuisine researched by our culinary team, to ensure that each ingredient is being handled with the most proper approaches, numerous pre-jobs are strictly required. These include the order of pan-frying and the cooling process of minced spices, and therefore every single kind of spice is to be processed separately according to its properties of taste and flavor.
Red Shrimp is transparent and light pink in appearance, and because it swims in the sea as if it were a Japanese cherry blossom flying in the air, it is also known as “Sakura Shrimp”. The main origin of Red Shrimp is primarily in Suruga Bay, Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan, and in Donggang Township of Taiwan. Only less than one-third of the year that red shrimp could be captured, so it is a relatively precious seafood ingredient in Eastern Asia. The fresh red shrimps are dried with cold air after cleaning, and then the most important step is to expose them to the sun to induce the aroma of the shrimp shells, while the shrimp meat is getting tighter.
Good Plenty’s team carefully selected the red shrimps from Donggang, a township in western Taiwan, and combined it with the top grade Japanese scallops and other local spices to create a dreamy scallop sauce full of the scent of shrimps.
Good Plenty’s Scallop Sauce with Red Shrimp can serve as a cold cut before dinner and wine dishes. In terms of cooking, no matter whether it is simmered or fried, adding some scallop sauce will make the food more colorful, making it a must-have secret weapon for the kitchen.

◎ Product Composition: Dried Scallops, Red Shrimp, Dried Shrimp, Soybean Oil, Red Chili Pepper, Shallot, Garlic, Sugar, Salt

Product considerations

◎ Certification: Our factory passed ISO 22000, HACCP food hygiene certification, US FDA approval. Our products passed SGS inspection, and insure 10 million NT Dollars of product liability insurance.
◎ Shelf life: 3 years.
◎ Storage: Please keep in dry place and avoid direct sun exposure. No preservative added, please eat as soon as possible after opening.
◎ Outer Packaging Note: All jars are manufactured by retort treatment. Please return all inflated jars to the place to purchase.
◎ Food Allergy: This product contains crustaceans, soybeans and their products.

◎ Responsible Manufacturer: Good Plenty Industrial Co., Ltd.
◎ Service Line: +886 2 2591-2211