Since 1981 Brand story

Since 1981 we, Good Plenty Industrial Co., Ltd have been dedicated in processing traditional Chinese cuisine for over 30 years, such as abalone, bird’s nest, shark’s fin, scallops, and famous cuisine -“The great monk jump over the wall”. We possess professional skills in research and development, standardized production, and food safety management, in response to that, we have acquired International Food Safety System Certificates - ISO 22000, HACCP, USA FDA approval for export, which also ensure that the materials of our products are made natural, healthy and safety in quality.

Safety Certificate

With professionally assured quality, we are always the trustworthiest partner

We own ISO 22000, HACCP and FDA certificate to deliver our products to the world. From raw materials to finished products, every single step including packaging and transports, are held under strict operation system procedures to assure the safety and the quality of products.

ISO 22000 Safety Certificate
HACCP Safety Certificate